The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute(SMEDI) is a public institution mandated by the Malawian government to promote small scale businesses in the country. Studies have shown that Malawi’s climatic conditions are very conducive to watermelon farming with equally competitive economic returns. SMEDI would thus like to promote watermelon business in Malawi in line with the mandate bestowed to it by the Malawian government. In pursuance to this objective, SMEDI is in the process of compiling data for all watermelon farmers in Malawi which will help in informing the nature of interventions to the sector.
It is in view of the foregoing that we invite individual watermelon farmers, groups or associations engaged in watermelon farming to submit their details to SMEDI for compiling.

The details should include:
Farm Location/district:
Farm Size/Production Capacity:

Submit the details to:
Compstone Soko, whatsapp/call/sms 0991402806

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