It is an open secret that the corona pandemic has affected many sectors of our economy. Just like many individuals, the corporate world too adjusted its calendar of activities to comply with covid 19 restrictions. The consequences of this is the accumulation of activities in certain months, while other months are seemingly quieter.
This was exactly what the training department of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute witnessed in the month of February. Simultaneous trainings were being held in various subject matters and in various districts in Malawi. A total of 70 individuals were trained in the month of February alone.
At its Incubation Project at Mponela, the Institute hosted a ten days training in gemstone cutting and polishing. The training targeted young business women in mining but was funded by Oxfam International.

Mr. Rodney Chisembe one of the facilitators of the training commended Oxfam for the training. “Mining is a lucrative business, and value addition to the precious stones has always given good returns. As facilitators and in line with our mandate we thus spiced up this technical training with some modules of business management, so that participants can be more successful with their business” he said.

In Nkhotakota, an outdoor training on Entrepreneurship and business management was also done in the same month. The target participants were members of Chamawano village and Savings Loans group in Nkhotakota. A total of 30 participants were trained in financial records, group dynamics and business management.
30 was the magic number of trainers for another training held at Mpingu in Lilongwe. The training targeted members of the Action for Youth Network in Development (AYID). Participants were trained in Marketing, Product Costing and Pricing and record keeping.

We wanted to find out from Mr. Francis Mwamadi how challenging it was for SMEDI to facilitate such trainings in geographically spread areas. “As you know SMEDI has a pool of trainers that are spread in all regions of Malawi. We have the capacity to handle several trainings at once, and to us this was no challenge at all” He said.

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