In a developing economy like ours, citizens have huge expectation on the government to uplift their economic welfare. It is common knowledge that government does what it does, and does not do what it doesn’t do through what are called policies. It therefore implies that government policies are very critical to the social economic transformation of this country.

Within the topic of economic transformation, academicians and development practitioners unanimously agree in applauding the developmental role that micro, small and medium (MSMEs) enterprises play. Among others MSMEs create employment, are a source of innovation and directly contribute to the national gross domestic product (GDP). In recognition to this key role, the government of Malawi, just like many other governments has several policies aimed at developing this sector. In other words, the government of Malawi endeavors to create business growth opportunities for our MSMEs that are clearly spelt out in its policies. A million dollar question is whether our SMEs are aware of such policies and utilize them better?

This column will not attempt to answer such a broad question. However, this column purpose is to reduce the information and knowledge gaps that exist on MSMEs policies. From my firsthand experience during my dairy interactions with MSMEs, it has become very clear that most of MSMEs do not know of business opportunities our policy environment has created for them. As such we are duty bound as SMEDI to bridge this information gap. One way to do that is through publications like this one.

This column acknowledges that matters of policies are broad and diverse in nature, making it difficult for one person to exhaustively discuss them through a website column. That being the case, this column will be expecting contributions from other writers, within and outside SMEDI. All members of the general public willing to make a contribution to this column are welcome.

It has been said that Malawians generally do not like reading. This column will thus ensure that matters are discussed briefly limiting the number of words to 500 only. Where a topic is long, it will be spread in various editions. It is our desire that this column should not bore its readers with economic jargons, or econometrics’ and all those crazy figures statisticians work with. This column will keep its content brief and using the most basic of English so that all can understand.

Lastly, I hope the column will also be a platform where policy makers themselves can have some form of feedback on various policies that have been enacted or are about to be enacted. At some point direct contributions from policy makers themselves will be expected.

I hope you are as excited as I am to start this journey…. Its content will be updated each and every fortnight!! See you in a fortnight then when I bring you the first among the many of editions that will follow.

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