SMEDI offers its services to the public through 3 core departments namely: Business Training Coordination, Business Information Clearing House and Planning and Research. These departments are supported by the department of Administration and Finance. 5 Small & Medium Enterprise Development Institute

This focuses on provision of business information to MSMEs and other stakeholders. It involves the following:
– Operating a “One Stop Information Centre” for start-ups and established MSMEs.
– Facilitating linkages between MSMEs and financial institutions.
– Managing MSME information and data and disseminate information to MSMEs.
– Linking MSMEs with potential to access new markets.

This focuses on building capacity of MSMES under the following areas:
– Sensitizing MSMES to benefit from Preferential Provision in Public Procurement and
Disposal of Assets Act
– Preparing MSMEs to meet the required quality and quantity (capacity) before bidding
– Assist MSMEs to participate in actual bidding process
– Advocating for establishment of Inter-Institutional Technical Working Groups on MSME issues
– Enabling MSMEs to understand some Trade Legal Laws, Acts and Policies
– Advocating for development and implementation of Legislative Reforms

This focusses on MSME research and policy advocacy activities involving the following:
– Carrying out surveys on particular topics to MSMEs
– Proactively plan and carry out assessment needs and data collection for different
– Identifying areas in which SMEDI can support implementation of MSME policy.
– Carrying out formal assessments of MSMEs financial need.